Momento is the only factory in the world that exclusively manufacture impact sockets and accessories. Located in Flen Sweden, Momento have been operating for almost 50 years providing power sockets and accessories that are designed to withstand the extreme stresses that arise in power nut turning and screw driving.

ITEC supply professionals with these quality impact sockets to fit impact wrenches, nut runners and hydraulic wrenches. In addition ITEC also supply Momento’s range of specially designed tools and accessories.

Momento are ISO 9001 quality certified. They are ISO 14001 certified for their environmental management system.

Momento’s impact sockets and accessories also conform to the international standards: ISO 691, ISO 1174-2, ISO 1711-2, ISO 2725-2 As well as to the German norms DIN 3129 and DIN 3121. An even better reassurance is that Momento’s own requirements on quality are more rigorous than those laid down in national and international standards for power tools accessories. Products are continuously updated in line with developments in the field.

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